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Co-Motion Cycles is an American bicycle manufacturer located in Eugene, Oregon. The company was formed in 1988. It is owned by Dwan Shepard and Dan Vrijmoet. The company makes high-end tandem and single bicycles. Co-Motion offers both custom frames and ready-made frames in standard dimensions.[1] The frames in the company’s current line-up are TIG-welded steel or aluminum. Their bikes cater to cyclo-cross racing, touring, road racing, and off-road touring.

1983 – Dwan Shepard completes his first bicycle frame, completing a framebuilding class taught by Master Builder Gary Hale

1984 – Hale takes Shepard on as apprentice builder

1988 – Hale closes shop, offering to sell equipment and transfer lease to Dwan S., who talks friend Butch Boucher into going in on the deal together. B & D start making a few frames for friends and build a robust frame repair business for bike shops around the northwest. First tandem frame completed April 1988. D+B hold a “name the bike” party. Hundreds of potential names are scribbled on slips of paper to be read aloud and voted upon. “Co-Motion” is the clear winner, with “Cycles” added on by B+D. A brand is born.
Dan Vrijmoet and Butch Boucher win the country’s first tandem stage race- sponsored by Burley Design Co-op, (best known for bicycle trailers, but at the time a rival tandem maker as well)- on a Co-Motion tandem, of course.

1989 – Winning Bicycle Racing magazine publishes a story on the winning tandem in Burley’s tandem stage race, a Co-Motion tandem, naturally.

1990 – Dan Vrijmoet joins D + B to help with the new biz

1991 – Dan is voted in as full partner. Business moves from original 1000 sq ft space to 3000 sq fit space in a former cannery bldg. 2 blocks away

1992 – The early years are an exercise in humility. We survive on moldy bread and tears, the occasional fabrication job, and a ridiculous helping of youthful optimism
We make our first foray into custom tubing, having special tubes drawn by Tange of Japan
-Our lineup: The Double Espresso, Java and Bofus tandems, and the Espresso road bike

1994 – We introduce our Co-Pilot line, becoming the first bicycle co to include S+S couplings on stock bicycles. Co-Motion hires its first employee, Bob Westman
Co-Motion begins working with Reynolds Cycle tubing of England on more sophisticated tandem frame tubes
By the mid-90’s Co-Motion has been featured in every major bicycle publication. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive. We’re thriving

1996 – Butch heads off in pursuit of his future wife, accepting an offer from D+D for his share in the company. Co-Motion appears on the Internet with a complete website

2000 – Construction of Co-Motion’s 13,000 sq ft current building is completed, winning awards for its energy efficiency and livability. We move from the old cannery site in November. We launch a new touring model called the Americano

2004 – Our new PeriScope line of tandems is introduced

2007 – Dwan is diagnosed with cancer. Dan breaks his pelvis in a fall. Time to reflect, re-focus and commit to goals

2008 – D+D recover fully, company running well at the 20-year mark

2009 – Economic crash reminds us how important every customer, every call is. We must communicate the value of integrity

2012 – Co-Motion’s touring bike line expands with new models with capability for more rugged terrain

2017 – 2017- Dan V retires, accepting Dwan S’s offer on his share of the company

2018 – 2018- Co-Motion celebrates 30 years!

2019 – 2019- With a staff of 18, over 30 bicycle models, and a world-renowned reputation for outstanding quality, our story continues with you

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