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The first Haro bikes were manufactured by Torker. In 1982, when Haro introduced his own line of racing bikes, his sponsorship by Torker and Max was terminated.

Although injuries forced Haro to relinquish his riding duties, Haro Bikes subsequently compiled a virtual “who’s who” list of talented riders including Bob Morales, Mike Dominguez, Dennis McCoy, Ron Wilkerson, Mat Hoffman, Donovan Ritter, Marc McGlynn, Brian Blyther, Dave Nourie, Mike King, Pete Loncarevich, Tony “The Tiger” Murray, and many more. These riders won nearly every title there was in both BMX and freestyle. Media attention quickly put Haro Bikes in the spotlight as an industry leader with a bicycle line focused on the high end “Master” and more moderate “Sport”. In 1986, Haro’s design of the “Master” was at its climax with what is typically regarded as its most beautiful form with uniquely designed Haro Group 1 components, paint over chrome frame and forks, and uniquely designed flip-up pegs. The 1986 “Master” in team issue neon green with all original components has become highly collectible. In 1987, the “Master” was made over to reduce the cost of the 1986 model.

In 1988, Bob Haro sold the company to a bigger bike company and agreed to a five-year consulting contract that provided continuing product innovation and a premium image for the brand. At the end of five years, Bob left Haro Bikes and started a graphic design company.

In 1993, the company was sold again, this time to a group of investors headed by Jim Ford, a Vice President at Haro Bikes since 1981. With its new independence, and with Jim leading the company as its President, the company re-established its focus on Bob Haro’s original vision and began a rebuilding process that followed a sharp decline in the BMX market dating back to 1988.

Within one year, key management positions were filled and a new dealer base was established. A new competitive BMX racing team was formed and superstar freestyle riders Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist were signed by Haro soon after.

Before his death in 2016, Dave Mirra had left and made his own company Mirraco Bikes in 2007… an enterprise of Trek Bicycle Corporation. Ending his run with the Haro Brand.

As of 2019 Haro Bikes sponsors freestyle BMX riders Ryan Nyquist, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerly, Matthias Dandois, Mike Gray and Dennis McCoy. They also sponsor BMX racers Nic Long and Brooke Crain.

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