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Calibre has redefined what is possible when creating affordable bikes. For people wanting to have fun on two wheels without breaking the bank, Calibre is their go to brand. The Calibre design team were increasingly seeing people have a negative cycling experience on overpriced, ill equipped bikes and decided to do something about it. Creating a frame with contemporary geometry, kitted out with fantastic components, Calibre allows riders to have maximum fun on the road or at the trail centre without having to re-mortgage your house.

The brand started off with just two great value hardtail mountain bikes. Two gained critical acclaim from respected MTB magazines and websites, including a 5 star review from MBUK stating “if you want an entry level bike get this one, it’s that good”. Bike Radar couldn’t have rated the bike as having “Great spec at a price that makes it the bargain of the year…almost certainly the best sub £400 we’ve ever ridden”. Three fantastic entry level road bikes followed that were perfect for debuting roadies and were also snapped up as winter training bikes by more experienced riders. Although they had fairly standard spec, the geometry was perfect and they rode beautifully. From then on Calibre began expanding the range including the ultra-lightweight and very fast Filter commuter bike.

The immediate success of Calibre gave GO Outdoors the confidence to move into areas it never thought it would. Backed by GO Outdoors, Calibre produced a trail centre, giant slaying full suspension mountain bike for under £1000 – a higher price tag than any bike they had previously sold. In the past, a £1000 full-sus wouldn’t have been a great experience for the rider, having poorly chosen spec, bad geometry and overall not worth the price tag. This was soon to be a thing of the past and along came the mighty Calibre Bossnut. The Bossnut was a full suspension MTB with awesome geometry and confidence inspired handling. It was the highly competitive price point that also made the Bossnut stand out, selling for under £1000. The bike was aimed at riders who wanted to experience full suspension bikes for the 1st time and take on their local trail centre with confidence. The Bossnut dominated all the MTB magazines, with a clean sweep including 5/5 in MBUK and MBR Magazine also giving 5 stars and awarding it the coveted Bike of The Year in 2015. This beat legendary brands and bikes with prices tags many times that of the Bossnut. Calibre also went on to receive a highly praised women’s specific version of the Bossnut. It’s now almost impossible to visit a trail centre without bumping into to a beaming Bossnut rider shredding it with the big boys.

Now well established on the British bike scene, the Calibre range includes carbon road bikes, adventure bikes and new entry level hardtails. The big news of 2017 was the release of the awesome calibre Beastnut, a special limited edition version with all the upgrades that the designers would choose for a straight out the box trail smashing bike. Like the Bossnut before it, the Beastnut was highly acclaimed by the biking press and most and been pre-sold even before they were available. The Bossnut V2 was also released earlier this year to take over where the original left off, but with an improved frame and improved spec but is still just £999. The revolutionary Bossnut V2 has been receiving some of the most amazing reviews and feedback for a bike at this price point.

Not a bad story for a bike brand that didn’t even exist 5 years ago. A great tale of a simple ethos of getting more people out riding with a smile on their face can produce a ground breaking bike. The small Calibre team is made of dedicated riders of road and trail with years of experience in the cycling industry. The bikes are designed, tested and ridden in the UK and they will continue to keep pushing to see what is possible when creating high performance bikes that are affordable to anyone who wants to get out riding and push their abilities.

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