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Focus Bikes is a bicycle manufacturer that has its administration in Stuttgart, Germany and production facilities based in Cloppenburg, Germany and builds sport bicycles such as e-bikes, racing bicycles and mountain bicycles.

The company was founded in 1993 by Mike Kluge, cyclocross World Champion.

In 1993 the company partnered with the manufacturer Derby Cycle Werke to produce bicycles.

In 1994 the first production line brought out 6 varieties of mountain bike.

In 1995 the company expanded to produce touring bicycles.

In 2003 the company began to produce racing bicycles.

In 2006 the company produced its first carbon fiber frames.

In 2008 a joint production effort between Andreas Walser saw the company produce a time trial bicycle and the same year produced a triathlon bicycle.

In 2009 the company set up subsidiaries in the United States and Italy, and began a European wide advertising campaign on Eurosport TV channel.

Focus is owned by Derby Cycle of Germany, which operates under ownership of the Pon Holdings Bicycle Group.

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